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Media Consulting

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As a Global Media Operations & Technology Executive, my focus has been forward-thinking, addressing a rapidly evolving technology environment, and exercising my resiliency muscles along the way.

I’m privileged to have spent my entire career (over 30 years!) working with such world-renowned brands as the BBC, Discovery, and PBS.  I’ve enjoyed an incredible technology journey from educational laserdiscs, to SD/HD digital channel launches, to delivering SVOD/AVOD services, and OTT/streaming services.

Areas of Expertise


Technology Evaluation & Implementation  

Organizational Design & Workflow

New Business & Product Development

Joint Venture/M&A Integrations

Ad Sales Operations          

Broadcast & Technical Operations

Live Events, News, & Sports

Project & Vendor Management 

Software Application Development

SVOD, AVOD, OTT Workflow & Systems

Multi-platform Distribution of Content 

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

I would enjoy bringing my passion, expertise, and connections across technology and media to your next project!  If you have an exciting opportunity or current challenge, please reach out to see how I can support you.

Mary Pratt-Henaghan

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